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Welcome to Full Time RVing Forum
« on: July 23, 2008, 11:22:14 AM »
Hello, welcome to the Full Time RVing form. Reply to postings and start new topics in the 'General Discussion" area.

Our forum is a gathering of folks who camp, travel and enjoy recreational Vehicles. We hope you will join us.

Members are weekenders, vacationers, travelers, workers who travel for their jobs, and full timers. No matter what category you fall into you are welcome to join in the conversation by asking questions you may have about your rig. And, please, share your knowledge and experience when you can by answering the questions of other members. No one has all the answers so it is the exchange of information that makes the forum useful.

In addition to being informative the forum should be interesting and fun. Tales of your experiences and trips you have made with your RV are always fun to exchange. Think of this group as a bunch of RVers sitting around a virtual campfire!

Though we are not heavy handed, this is a moderated forum so please be polite and friendly to your fellow RVers and keep the subject matter RV and RVing related.
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